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Exploring Synectics Technique: A Comprehensive Guide

This article provides an overview of Synectics Technique, a creative problem-solving approach for groups. Learn about the benefits, key concepts and tools of this technique.

Exploring Synectics Technique: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking to bring new and innovative ideas to your team or organization? If so, then exploring the Synectics Technique may be the answer. Synectics is a form of group brainstorming that is based on the principles of creativity and problem-solving. It has been used for decades by leaders in business, science, and education to foster creative thinking and collaboration. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore what Synectics Technique is, how it works, and how you can use it to generate creative solutions in your own workplace. The primary goal of Synectics technique is to find solutions to complex problems by combining different perspectives and disciplines.

The technique is based on the theory that creativity stems from a combination of existing ideas and new thinking. This can be achieved by encouraging participants to think beyond their normal range of expertise and draw on their collective knowledge.

Synectics technique

has several key concepts that are essential for successful problem solving. These include:- Establishing objectives: The group should define the problem they are trying to solve and the desired outcome.- Identifying constraints: The team should identify any limitations or constraints that may affect their ability to achieve the desired outcome.- Generating ideas: Participants should generate ideas, explore different options, and brainstorm solutions.- Evaluating solutions: The group should evaluate each solution and determine if it meets the desired outcome.

Synectics technique

also utilizes a variety of tools to support the creative process.

These tools include:- Brainwriting: Brainwriting is a method of generating ideas by having participants write down their thoughts on a piece of paper.- Concept mapping: Concept mapping is a visual representation of ideas that helps the group organize and prioritize their thoughts.- Role playing: Role playing is a tool used to help participants better understand a situation or problem from another perspective.- Brainstorming: Brainstorming is a technique used to generate new ideas by having participants share their thoughts in an open forum. The benefits of using Synectics technique include increased creativity, improved problem solving skills, and increased collaboration. This technique can also help teams come up with innovative solutions that they would not have thought of on their own. Additionally, Synectics technique can help teams overcome difficult challenges by combining different perspectives and disciplines.

Key Concepts

Establishing objectives: The first step in using the Synectics technique is to identify and clarify the problem that needs to be solved.

This involves establishing the objectives of the group and determining what resources are available to solve the problem.

Identifying constraints:

Once the objectives have been established, the group then needs to identify any constraints that may limit their ability to solve the problem. This includes physical, financial, and emotional constraints that could affect the group's ability to come up with a solution.

Generating ideas:

The next step is for the group to generate ideas to solve the problem.

This involves brainstorming and exploring different perspectives in order to come up with creative solutions.

Evaluating solutions:

Finally, the group needs to evaluate the solutions that have been proposed. This involves assessing the feasibility of each solution and determining which one is most likely to be successful.

The Benefits of Synectics Technique

The Synectics technique offers numerous advantages to teams and organizations.

It provides a creative approach to problem-solving, encourages collaboration among team members, and cultivates a shared understanding of the problem at hand. In addition, it can help teams develop new solutions to existing problems by combining ideas from different perspectives and disciplines. One of the primary benefits of the Synectics technique is the increased creativity it brings to team problem-solving. By encouraging team members to think outside the box and explore solutions from different angles, it helps to generate more creative ideas than traditional brainstorming methods. The Synectics technique also helps to improve problem-solving skills by encouraging team members to work together to explore a problem. This collaborative approach can help teams identify the underlying causes of a problem and develop better solutions.

In addition, it can help teams to identify potential solutions that they may have overlooked in the past. Finally, the Synectics technique is beneficial for increasing collaboration among team members. By allowing team members to bring their different perspectives and ideas to the table, it fosters an environment of open dialogue and constructive feedback. This encourages teams to work together to explore all possible solutions and create innovative solutions that benefit everyone involved.


Brainwriting is one of the most common tools used in Synectics technique. This involves a group of individuals writing down their ideas in a specific format.

The participants then exchange their ideas and discuss them in an open and collaborative manner. This helps to generate more creative solutions by combining different perspectives and skills.

Concept Mapping

is another tool used in Synectics technique. This involves creating a visual representation of the problem or solution, which can be used to identify patterns and relationships between different elements. It helps to identify new ideas and make connections between existing ideas.

Role Playing is also an important tool used in Synectics technique. This involves taking on different roles or perspectives and exploring the problem from different points of view. This helps to develop empathy and understanding of the problem and encourages creative thinking.


is a popular tool used in Synectics technique. This involves a group of people coming together to discuss the problem and generate ideas.

This helps to identify potential solutions and can be used in combination with other tools for even more creative solutions. Synectics technique is an effective problem-solving approach that encourages teams to combine ideas from different perspectives and disciplines to create innovative solutions. By utilizing the benefits, key concepts, and tools associated with this technique, groups can develop creative solutions to complex problems. With the right support, teams can successfully use this technique to enhance their problem-solving capabilities and generate unique ideas.